The 'Dig for Victory' diary

Leaflet containing information about the 'Dig for Victory' project at Watford Museum: click to enlarge (JPG file, 400k)

Welcome to the 'Dig for Victory' diary!

On these pages, you'll be able to follow the progress of the museum's 'Dig for Victory' project, as we prepare a wartime vegetable garden as part of the Sixtieth Anniversary to mark the end of World War II.

Every month, we'll be adding photos as the garden progresses from its freshly-dug beginnings in February 2005 towards blooming splendour in October, so check back to see how it's all going and join in if you can!

Diary entries

Volunteers wanted

Enthusiastic gardeners are required and those with memories of wartime Watford too. You can contact the museum on 01923 232297 or by e-mailing

For more information about this, as well as other events around the Sixtieth Anniversary, have a look at our lovely leaflet (JPG file, 400k).