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Brewing in Watford

Brewing was an important industry in Watford, with brewers attracted by the clean water supplies and transport links. Benskins Brewery became the biggest of the breweries in the area. Joseph Benskin bought the brewery and mansion that became the Watford Museum in 1867, but brewing on this site goes back to the 18th Century

London England Freedom of the City Admission Papers Thomas Benskins 6 June1879

1891 Benskins House - Plan showing gardens

Tom Benskin, 1870

John (Pusey) Benskin, 1870

Charles Benskin 1900

Benskins transport_ Scammell 'Light' 6 wheeler 1934

Benskin's Cannon Brewery with Joseph Benskin on left

Benskins Cannon Brewery - dray

Vehicles approx 1950's

1981 Benskins House

1938 Benskins House - remodelled new frontage

Benskins transport Dray

1935 Benskins House - Royal Silver Jubilee

1934 Benskins House - rear Pennant Chr 1934

Benskins - trucks

1932 Benskins House - rear Pennant July 1932

1951 Benskins House

Benskins transport -Scammell

1920 Benskins House & Factory Poster c.1920

1890 approx. Benskins family in garden at rear of house

1887 - 1897 Benskins Brewery in Victorian Days

1880's or 90's Benskins Brewery in Victorian Days pre railway sidings

Benskins Brewery Buildings

1922 Benskins Brewery Buildings

Benskins Brewery at night (not dated)

Demolition of Benskins Brewery Chimney, 1977

Wells Brewery, surviving buildings on industrial estate at rear of Hille House, 2008

Sedgewicks 1950s

Lion Brewery

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