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An exhibition of art by people who have experienced homelessness.

Click on an image to view a larger version and see how they are described.

Artist: Caroline MacCLean

Ladybird Latch Hook Rug

You have to focus, but it’s a relaxing thing to do. It took around 4 weeks to make this rug.

Artist: Chelsie Wicks

A musical landscape

The artist was inspired to draw this artwork after being given a donated guitar whilst at one of the New Hope residences.

Artist: Chris O'Bee

An Oasis of Calm, written 24 August 2018

Artist: Chris O'Bee

Survive, written November 2018

Artist: Anonymous

Blue Skies

Artist: Anonymous

In the Bleak Midwinter

Artist: Anonymous


Creator: Gary Stratford

Collage of Beauty

I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone and enjoy the fact that it came off.

Artist: Michael Latarche

Sunny Side of the Street

A blooming marvellous show!​ Rock garden created by the artist in the New Hope House garden.

Artist: Stephen O'Grady

Artist: Sylvester Mudenda

Phantom Knights Rugged Gloves

Let me light up the situation (there are lights in my gloves)!

Artist: Tim Spiller

Roomy Park Bench

Surprisingly roomy park bench close to town centre. Pleasant surroundings, interesting neighbours, many local points of interest. Would suit anyone with plummeting self-esteem.


The White Bridge

I really like bridges and I have come to regard this photograph as symbolic of recovery from a particularly dark phase in my life, i.e. passing from one side to the other. With the help of New Hope, I was in a much better frame of mind.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

Dragonfly Metamorphosis

Change, development, life in the garden.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

Dragonfly Canvas

A year in the making.  Finished during lockdown period at the Sanctuary.  Song  lyrics, meaningful literature with contributions from service users, volunteers and staff of New Hope.  The dragonfly, inspired by real dragonflies from our community market garden, symbolised growth, change, development and the persistence of life.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

Bath Canal Boat

Old bath rescued from a neighbour’s garden, a real team effort, with ideas and contributions from many involved with New Hope Community Market Garden.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

Repurposed Guitar

Music-calm relaxation of a garden, peace of the outdoors, fresh air and nature.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

The Alleyway

This photo represents the loneliness and despair of homelessness, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

The Eye

Just playing with reflection, the tree, a landscape within the eye.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

Four Urban Landscapes

Represents peace and calm, long shadows and contrast, early morning tranquillity in an otherwise busy place.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

Lily Beetle

Resting on a gardener’s thumb.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

Tiny (because it is 'my newt')

One of our friends in the garden.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

These Wise Old Trees

Offering up a sense of strength, reliability – a dominant faithful presence.

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

Willow Catkin

Natural surroundings providing a frame, blue sky, cloud, tree and spider (can you spot the spider?).

Artist: Ivan Mascarenhas

YMCA Windows

Watford has a wonderful urban environment spanning decades of varying designs and development. This is the YMCA building showing off its beautiful symmetry. 

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