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Cassiobury Park

Cassiobury was once the lands of the Abbey of St Albans, then later the estate of the Earl of Essex who commissioned beautiful gardens, tree planting and a deer park. In 1909 Watford Urban District Council began the purchase of land to create a stunning public park, now one of the most popular in the country.

Park showing bandstand

The Cha Cafe

Tea pavillion 1983

Tea Pavillion 1929


Paddling pools

Paddling pools 1977

Paddling pools 1985

Paddling pools 1969

Play park

Cassiobury hub 2017

Cassiobury Park and House

Lime Avenue c.1955

Lime Avenue c.1930's

Lime Avenue before 1910

Aerial view 1932

Train 2010

Autumn 2008

Rickmansworth Road and park gates c.1890

Cassiobury Park gates 1970

Cassiobury Park gates c.1910

Cassiobury Park gates before 1915

Cassiobury Park gates before 1908

Cassiobury Park gates before 1903

Cassiobury Park gates 1908

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