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Trade & Industry

In the early history of Watford the economy relied on agriculture and the twice weekly market. With the arrival of the railway in 1837 Watford’s trades and industries started to develop and continue to evolve away from manufacturing to service industries.

Norman Reeves

Lovibonds - approx 1930's

J Goddard & Co upholsterers - 1935 GV Silver Jubilee

Hammonds Organ Studio, Queens Road

Former Co-Op building - Queen's Road - 18 Feb 1995

E. Bridglands, 17 Queens Road


Clements pre-war

Clements 1980s

Clements 1955


Trewins, Dec 1983 (Queens Road)

Trewin Brothers - Queens Road - June 1987

Ballard and Longman Undertakers - 11-17 King Street

Cassiobury Mills - 1891 - from Shopping in Victorian Watford

Rowse Brothers advert, dated 1891

Power production machinery - location unknown

Standard Range transport c.1912

Watford Biscuit Company from Trade Directory

Watford Biscuit Factory subsiduary of De Beukalaer. Opening of new office 7 June 1952

Watford Glass Company

Watford Steam Company

Scammell Office 1914

Scammell Factory c.1945-1950

Scammell Factory 1972

Scammell Factory (Mr Pugh, designer of the Scammell 'Pioneer' driving himself up the wall, 1929)

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