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Watford transport 

Did you know that the fortunes of Watford were transformed by transport?  These important transport systems included the canal, the railways, stagecoaches and roads. Watford has some famous transport links. Bushey Arches were designed by Robert Stephenson. Highwaymen including Turpin are said to have operated in the local area!


The railways in Watford information 

The canals in Watford information 

The roads in Watford information 

Transport fact cards 

Scammells lorries information 

Local explorer Violet Cressy - Marcks 

Robert Stephenson and Bushey Arches information 

Watford Transport in the Past for KS 1 

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Find out more about why transport was so important in Watford

YouTube film of British Railways Steam 1960's Watford Junction

YouTube film of 1970 Watford, Hertfordshire, congested town centre. A roundabout causing tailbacks and traffic jams. 1970

YouTube film of 1970s Watford, Hertfordshire. Good shots of 1970's vehicles going around a roundabout and an overpass and underpass

YouTube film of 1970s Watford, Hertfordshire. Camera in a car shows what it is like to drive around new traffic system and underpass.

YouTube films of 1970s Watford, Hertfordshire. Aerial views of new road system in Watford. Traffic moves steadily along the new roads and there are no traffic jams. Roundabout and underpass

YouTube film of 1988 Watford drive 1

YouTube film of Watford drive 2 

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