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Tudor and Stuart Watford 

Did you know you can still see buildings from Tudor and Stuart times in Watford?


Many exciting examples of hidden heritage can be found in Watford

A wall painting with the date 1614 was even discovered at 137 High Street in 1957! At the time the building was a Crown wallpaper shop, and the discovery was made by a member of staff investigating a hole in plaster in a storeroom upstairs! Read more information in Watford’s Tudor and Stuart past in our fact files below


Did you know that Watford has a connection to the Great fire of London in 1666?

Coal Duty Markers were set up by the City of London to mark the points at which coal going into London became liable to a tax. This was levied originally to help pay for the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire.

You can still find  coal duty markers in Watford


Tudor information 

Tudor and Stuart building fact cards 

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