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Pubs and hotels

The public house played an important part in the heritage of Watford, not just as somewhere for a pint but playing a role as coaching inns and social hubs, and hosting plays, courts and political meetings

Yates', The Parade 1990's

Woodman, Beechen Grove c.1930

White Lion, 79 St Albans Road

White Lion, 79 St Albans Road

White Hart

Wheatsheaf Pub, 312 High St (demolished) 1988

Wellington Hotel, Woodford Road c.1930

Victoria Tavern, Queens Road(unknown date)

Verulam PH, 275-277 St Albans Road

Verulum Arms Hotel, 7 Station road c1956 prior to closure 1957

Verulam Hotel, 7 Station Road c.1930

Top Rank, 1960's

Three Tuns

Three Crowns, 160 High St c.1930

The New Victoria, Queens Road(dated 1993)

The Crown, Garston

Tantivy PH, Queens Road

Swan, 216 High St c.1930

Stag, 153 St Albans Road c.1930

Spread Eagle plus no's 84-78 High Street, 1958

Shades (previously The Swan PH), Lower High Street

Rose & Crown Hotel

Red Lion Yard

Railway Tavern, 184 High Street c.1930

Railway Arms, St Albans Road c.1949

Railway Arms, Aldenham Road c.1930

Queen's Arms, 126 St Albans Road c.1930

Presto, The Parade, High Street

One Crown, 156 High St c.1930

One Bell, High Street - April 2016

One Bell, 90 High St c.1930

Old Berkley Hunt - St Albans Road-Weymouth Street

Nascot Arms, 11 Stamford Road c.1930

Mocha Bar - The Parade, High Street c.1962

Mirrabeua, The Parade, High Street

Malden Hotel Station Road c.1903-1913

Load of Hay Pinner Road, Watford Heath c.1930

Leathersellers Arms, 235 High Street

King's Arms, 130 High Street c.1930

King William IV, 319 High Street c.1930

Hit or Miss, Lower High Street

Healey's, King Street

Greyhound 8 King Street c.1930

Green Man

Golden Lion 17 Estcourt Road c.1930

George Inn 2

George Inn 1

Fox 206 High Street c.1930

The Flag, Station Road 2008

Essex Arms Hotel

Eight Bells, High Street

Dog 29 Hempstead Road c.1930

Demolition of The Railway Arms St Albans Rd (c) Diana Miller

Crown pub, Garston - 1983

Cricketers - Watford Fields - approx 1930's - Benskins Behind

Compasses 72 High Street c.1930

Coachmakers Arms 30 High Street c.1990

Coachmakers Arms 30 High Street c.1915

Clarendon Hotel Station Road c.1930

Angel 235 High Street c.1910

Anchor 272 High Street c.1930

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