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Royal visits to Watford

Our earliest known royal visit to Watford was Queen Adelaide, the widow of William IV, who came to live at Cassiobury for two years. Whilst she was at Cassiobury, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited her, traveling through the first station house in Watford on St Albans Road

Nov 1922 Albert, Duke of York - at Waterlows

18 July 1909 HM King Edward VII House party The Grove

July 1926 - Edward Prince of Wales later Edward VIII - Halsey Masonic Hall

1930's - Edward Prince of Wales, unknown location

April 1937 - George, Duke of Kent - Odhams re Coronation programmes

July 1953 - Dutchess of Gloucester and Sons - Odhams re Coronation Programmes

4 Nov 1955 - Duke of Edinburgh - Opening Woodside Stadium

4 Nov 1955 - Duke of Edinburgh - Town Hall after opening Woodside Stadium

3 July 1965 - HM Queen Mother - review of Royal Anglian Troops in Cassiobury Park

Queen in Cassiobury Park

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