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Since we are still remaining closed, Watford Area Arts Forum 2020 art competition has been moved online.

All the entries for this year's competition can be found below - if you want to vote for your favourite piece of art then visit the Watford Arts Area Forum website.

Bird in Motion Artist: Helen Lack

Lifted Artist: Helen Lack

Days Gone By Artist: Martin Berg

Chess Board Sea View Artist: Martin Berg

Getting Older Artist: Mike Conlan

Hope Artist: Mike Conlan

Reflections of Venice Artist: Roshani Bhundia

Eyes All Around Artist: Barry Saunders

Seeing Artist: Barry Saunders

Lockdown Longing Artist: Marcia Kuperberg

The Painter Artist: Marcia Kuperberg

Vision of Spring Artist: Sue Walters

Vision in a Trance Artist: Sue Walters

Moon Rise Artist: Don Lanstone

Collecting the Sun at Sunset Artist: Don Lanstone

Vision of a Covid Free Future Artist: Eric Johnson

Blinkered Vision Artist: Shirley Batten-Smith

The Eyes Have It Artist: Shirley Batten-Smith

Ruislip Woods Artist: Yoshie Murakamiowes

Tuscan Mountains Artist: Yoshie Murakamiowes

Cataract Artist: Andrea Neidle

The Unraveling of Psyche Artist: Natasha Batten

Innocence Artist: Natasha Batten

Hope Easter 2020 Artist: Richard Wheeler

Elysian Woods Artist: Richard Wheeler

Moon Dance Artist: Susanne A

Still I Rise Artist: Susanne A

Reach Forward, Look Within Artist: Lesley Andrew

Prism Breakthrough Artist: Lesley Andrew

Flowers and Leaves Artist: Sarah Ward

Grit Artist: Sarah Ward

Keeping Warm Artist: Gundula Stevens

Title: Early Summer Artist: Gundula Stevens

Supermoon, Socially Distant Artist: Helen Nicell

Buddha in Blossom Artist: Lewis Butler

Yellow Rose Artist: Jane Powell

Spring Flowers Artist: Jane Powell

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