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Watford Timeline and conservation areas

People first passed through the area in the stone age , when it was better for hunting than farming due to the clay soil.

In the 12th century a market charter was granted by the Abbot of St Albans.

 The 1800s saw the greatest and quickest changes to the town. The Grand Union Canal brought new goods and new industries like brewing started. The railways opened in 1837 and more people started to come to Watford to look for work


After World War II, Printing became the most important industry. Today the greatest employers in Watford are the service industries. People come to Watford to work and play


Watford events timeline 

Old and new timeline for KS1

Pond changes for KS1

History of the Borough status 

Guess the building in Watford's conservation area

Here and now photos from Watford's conservation area 

Conservation areas in Watford 

Maps in Watford 

What Watford means to me by WGGS and WBGS

External webpages - Please note these links take you to external websites that are not the responsibility of  Watford museum. Please watch yourself before sharing with others 

Our Watford history website 

BFI film of Changing Watford 1975-76

YouTube film about the Centenary flag  with Mayor Peter Taylor   ( please note competition may now be closed , but the information is useful )

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